Printer connected to operator panel is not working

Printer connected to operator panel is not working

  1. Press and hold the F4 button to enter the settings menu
  2. Press the “C” button (Next) to scroll to the RS-232 menu, and press “M-“ button to select
  3. Ensure that the Output is set for “Printer”. Use the F2 and F3 keys to change the selection
  4. Ensure baud rate is set for “9600”
  5.  Ensure Print format is set for “Current”
  6. Ensure Print Activation is set for “Print key” (the print key is the “*” key on the front panel)
  7. Ensure that Logging Data is “Off"
  8. For the above, to scroll through the choices, use the Next or F4 key, and F2 and F3 to change the values
  9. Press the “*” key to “Save” the changes
  10. Press the “-0-“ or Exit key to return to normal weighing mode.

Please note that if you can’t change any of the settings, then it’s likely Dip Switch 1 is selected to the “off” position on the back of the indicator.  This must be on to make the changes.

While the scale weight reading is stable, and above the minimum of 2 kg, when you press the “*” or print key the data from the indicator will be sent out via the serial port to the printer.

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