Scale shows incorrect weight

Scale shows incorrect weight

Place a weight of around 40kg in the centre of the scale, note the reading, then move the weight to the four individual corners.

Are the weight readings for the corners the same to within +/-0.2 kg? If yes, recalibrate the scales. If no, check the corner showing the lowest weight for mechanical binds. Check the motor power cable is free and not causing a mechanical bind as it passes from the scale section to the non-weighing section. If the problem still exists, open a support ticket for further assistance. 

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      Press and hold the F4 key down to get into the configuration menu (Dip switch 1 needs to be on, located under the small back cover on the rear of the indicator). Under the scale menu, scroll down using the F3 button until you find the menu "Allow ...
    • Scale does not return to zero when weight is removed

      There is a mechanical bind preventing the scale from freely settling to zero. Check for obstructions to the weigh scale and conveyor mounted on top. Ensure cables, desks and adjacent conveyor are not touching the scale. If the problem is not solved, ...
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      Confirm that this happens when a weight is placed on the scale and not touched, and nobody is moving around the scales (movement of the floor/desk can be transmitted to the scale if these are touching the scale, which will appear as if the weight ...
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      This message is displayed when the scale Analogue to Digital (A to D) converter doesn't see enough change from zero to the calibration weight value.  Normally this is a problem when using only 40 kg for calibration. Things to try: Try using 100 kg ...
    • Operator display shows scale divisions of 0.01 instead of 0.1kg

      Remove the dip switch cover on the rear of the operator panel and return the position of Dip Switch 2 to “ON”.