"Error Data Nil" message

"Error Data Nil" message

The "Error Data Nil" message on the passenger panel means that power is applied, but no RS-485 data is received at the passenger panel. The centre two pins of the connector and cable are used for the communications.

This issue can be associated with the following:

  1. The passenger panel RS-485 internal chip has failed. The solution is to replace the passenger panel.
  2. The cable between the passenger panel and the operator panel or its connectors are damaged.  A cable fault is less likely as the comms wires are the innermost part of the cable and less likely to be damaged.
  3. The connector socket on the passenger panel or the operator panel that the cable connects to.  It is possible someone has tried to connect this connector around the wrong way and in forcing the connection has bent the internal spring pins on the RS-485 RJ45 connector mounted on the PCB.  This can be checked by looking at the alignment and conditions of the pins.  A good electronics service technician would be capable of replacing this connector (de-soldering from PCB and replacing).
  4.  Failed transmitter in the operator panel sending the data to the passenger panel. 

Tests to isolate the fault

To isolate which part is the faulty unit, try:
  1. Plugging the passenger panel into another check-in desk that’s working;
  2. Swap the cables over;
  3. Try a known working passenger panel and cable on the faulty desk. 
From these tests it should become clear which part needs to be replaced or repaired.
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